Aerios Media

Aerios Media captures commercial film and photography from the air, in water, and on land. And when it comes to showcasing your work, drone pilot, rescue diver, and Director of Aerios Media, Matt Thompson chose Squarespace above others. He said, "First impressions count, and I feel that Squarespace has given me the best platform for showing off my most professional portfolio. Without it, and especially without the awesome inbuilt SEO, I wouldn't have had nearly the same impact. it has certainly been an invaluable part of my photography career." Visiting Aerios Media, your first impression is solidified with a custom-coded slideshow banner of gorgeous aerial video. Stacked galleries showcase snapshots on the photography pages, as well as their Blog. You can even dive deeper into Aerios Media's underwater photography sessions (pun intended). 

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Check out: Clicking Editorial Work opens Director Matt Thompson's portfolio website. Check out this shot!