The Simple SEO Options You're Not Using on Squarespace

If there was a Search Engine High School prom, you'd want Google as your date.

Forget the pretty artist or the handsome jock, Google is the charming bookworm. And Google likes words. Purposeful, clear words. If you're silent, Google will ignore you. If you're repetitive, talk to the hand.

What you need to prepare in Squarespace is how to use your words. There are two simple fields in Squarespace that can help make it easy for search engines like Google to find you and most people don't bother to fill them out at all!

Site Description

Found in Settings > Basic Information. This is, ahem, a description of your site, or a short bio. 

If you've made a portfolio website, be sure to include your name here. If you're a business, be sure to use keywords that customers would use to describe your product or service.

Search Engine Description

Found in Settings > Marketing > SEO.
The description says it all - "One or two short sentences that describe your website. This description is used in the search results of search engines like Google." You're literally telling Google who you are!

This is the info that shows beneath your site name within Google search results.

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