Smartphones Might Be Why You're Not Showing Up On Google

Smartphones are everywhere. There is a good chance you're reading this on yours too. On the toilet.

Google knows this. (No, not the toilet part. Maybe?) They're not dumb. To adapt to an ever-changing technological world, Google began ranking mobile-friendly websites higher in search results...

Six months ago.

You might have missed the memo or it was piled under a bunch of other amazing news. Something like the eighteen baby pandas photographed today.

 That's normal nowadays. No, not the pandas, missing out on important information. But this news is straight from the biggest, most-used search engine on the planet. And if your website isn't mobile-friendly, people might not find it. 

The good news is that Squarespace has done this automagically (yes, automagically) since September 2012. As soon as your website is built with them, it can adjust properly to any device - iPhone, Android, iPad, or your regular computer. Squarespace is mobile-friendly.

If you're not on Squarespace, there is a chance you're only hurting yourself. Sometimes services, or even designers, require you to pay them to build multiple versions of your website. And then you're paying for it in a different way too, you're not being found. It means a smaller audience, less sales, and fewer views. That's old school and no good. 

You can test your own website for mobile-ready capability here.

 And if you're interested in moving your website to Squarespace, or starting fresh, Left Coast Websites can help. Check out our Packages here or click in the Main Navigation.