Ten Steps to Kickstart a Squarespace Trial

While Squarespace makes it easy to create an extraordinary website, it can be overwhelming jumping right in. There is so much you can do, and so much you want to do! But to make things just a bit simpler, I've created these ten steps to perform before doing anything else creative you'd like to do.


1. Choose your template

Duh! This is where the fun begins. Squarespace keeps it simple with less than 30 templates,  but there is so much possibility! If you haven't already, find your favorite template here.

2. Sign up for a trial

Name, Email, and Password.
That's it. No credit card needed.

Now the clock starts. You have 14 days to create your brand new, beautiful website.

3. Set Your Site Title

Click through the prompts and find the Site Title section. Name this sucker, make it your own!

You can change it later by hovering over the Site Title on the page and click Edit, or head to Design > Logo & Title to set your Site Title.

4. Change the default domain

Squarespace offers a free domain with every trial website you create, however, it will look like this: leftcoastwebsites.squarespace.com. There may even be numbers in the URL, making it look unprofessional. You can change this by going to Settings > Domains > and clicking your Built-in Domain there to rename it.

5. Create your first page, set it as Home

Now that your website has a name and an address, let's create the first page. Click the Pages panel option and click the + symbol. A few options will appear, click the regular Page one. Name it Home.

Choose a Starter Layout you'd like to start with, like About, Contact, or Details, or keep it Blank and click "Start Editing".

Now set it as the Home page using the guide here. (You can change this later.)

6. Delete the demo pages right away

You don't need no stinkin' Demo pages! They may be cool to look at and try to model your website after, but simply editing them can cause problems with your website down the line. It's best to start from scratch. If you're unsure how to delete pages, check out the guide here.

7. Decide on "Powered by Squarespace"

By default, templates may have the text "Powered by Squarespace" in the website footer. Some website builders require this, however, Squarespace does not. If you'd like to remove it before it shows up on all the pages you create, you can hover over the footer area and click Edit. You should then be able to see a small trash icon to delete the Text Block. For more guidance, check out the guide here.

8. Set Your Search Engine Description

Once you start a website, it's possible for search engines to read your site content and make a search engine result it thinks represents you. The sooner, the better to set a Search Engine Description which is the sentence or two displayed when someone finds your website in search engine results. You can edit that under Settings > SEO. For more guidance, check out the guide here.

9. Set Your Social Sharing Logo

When sharing your website (trial or not) on social media, you'll want a possible social media icon to show. People like pictures so why not use that to your advantage? Go to Design > Logo & Title and scroll down. After setting this, for Facebook specifically, you'll want to run your URL through the debugger (here) so Facebook is reading the most recent content of your website. Check out the guide here for more guidance.

10. Get building!

Go ahead! Build pages, create content blocks, and make it your own!

Squarespace's Video Series: Next Steps with Squarespace might be a good place to start.