How to Share Your Squarespace Like A Professional

You wouldn't want your home address to show incorrectly, why would you show the wrong URL?

Social media space is valuable. You want to deliver a powerful message in the smallest package possible. Why waste characters on the wrong address?

Every Squarespace website comes with a domain like this: You can customize the "example" part by accessing Settings > Domains and clicking it. However, sometimes you want something more custom, more professional, and more you. 

Purchase your custom domain

If you don't have a custom domain, get one! You have two simple options:

  • Squarespace sells domains for $20+ in Settings > Domains > Get a Domain. Learn more here.
  • Third parties, like Namecheap or GoDaddy, are usually cheaper*. Purchase and host the domain through one of them, and then you can connect the domain to your Squarespace website using the guide here.

Share your custom domain

If you have a custom domain and you want to share professionally:

  • Make sure your custom domain is the Primary Domain. All domains for your website will redirect to the Primary Domain. You can set this by clicking the domain under Settings > Domains and hitting the Make Primary button. Or you can use the guide here.
  • If you're sharing a new blog or gallery post, make sure the Social tab is using the URL pill. You can add this by typing %u. The URL pill will automatically pull the correct domain for the blog post or gallery addition you're sharing. Learn more here.

Add some more care into your shares. Make it professional and build it beautiful.

* You can register your first domain with Namecheap and save about 10% with the code SNOBANQ. You'll also give a year of free WhoIs privacy.