Create a Cover Page in Five Steps and Five Minutes

I've heard so many podcasts talk about how simple it is to build a Squarespace website that I thought I'd illustrate it in the best possible way using a real example.

On Episode 119, The Fighter and The Kid joked that their podcast producer, Evan the Beard, should create a website to start a business for his gang of motorcycle-riding bros to throw parties. Brendan wanted him to call it Studs and Beards. And through the magic of Squarespace, I did it for them. Like a Caribbean tiger!

And you can create your own just as easily. No team of computer scientists needed.

Step One.

Start a new Squarespace Cover Page trial by choosing a layout from

Step Two

After adding your contact information for your free trial, you'll see the Squarespace platform and your new website. Click the Imagery section to add an image.

Clicking this...

...shows this.

...shows this.

Step Three

Click the Branding & Text section to edit the text of your website.

Step Four

Add buttons or forms through the Action section. I added a form to Join the Party and a button to see the TFATK website.

Step Five

Almost there! We need to name this 1, 2, cutie pie. 

Click the Domain section and add your custom domain (FREE with an annual Squarespace plan).

Click Settings to update to a Squarespace plan. Need a promo code? Use FIGHTER for 10% off when you sign up with Squarespace. (Saved me 10% on this website too!)

That's all, folks!

Enjoy and tell The Fighter and the Kid about it - @fighternthekid!

Need more help?

Check out the Squarespace Cover Page guides here or
contact Left Coast Websites for your Squarespace needs.